It is official. This week we cross over into to the "less than" 100 days until Halloween part of 2019. It is never to early to start planning your outfit for the big night. The real question is have you given it any thought at all? Halloween costumes left to the last moment can leave you feeling rushed and unhappy with your choice.

Some things you can't get ahead of time like candy or a pumpkin. However your custom unless it is perishable can start coming together now. Think of it as an outfit for a big event. Take a bridesmaid dress for instance, you don't get the the week of unless your invite to an elopement. So what are you waiting for? Unless of course your Halloween custom is going to be your last bridesmaids dress. (I have never done that, not!)

And on a side note Halloween is a Thursday this year so why not make it a long weekend and put in for that vacation day right now before everyone else in the office catches on.

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