Residents in the Hudson Valley will have to look elsewhere to satisfy their gyro cravings.

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On Thursday, the Kimisis Greek Orthodox Church in Poughkeepsie announced that the annual Gyro Fest fundraising event which was scheduled for last weekend, July 24 and July 25, was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"The decision to cancel the event at such a late date was a very difficult decision for the Parish Council," Parish Council President Mike Bakatsias said in a press release. However as council members, we have the duty to conduct church affairs within all legal frameworks. In making final preparations for our Gyro Fest event, we were made aware that not all preventive measures and assurances were in place, creating a situation that put our parish and the public at a risk."

On Wednesday, council members met to discuss concerns of meeting all assurances required by Gov. Cuomo's executive order. Officials say they were made aware of "several gaps" in the event plan that did not "align with the expectations of the executive order."

Officials realized moving forward with the event could lead to fines, sanctions and pose a health risk for customers and volunteers.

"To the Poughkeepsie community at large, we are truly sorry for this announcement however we look forward to the future where we can again deliver a high quality cultural event for all of us to enjoy. We thank you for your understanding and continued support. We know this is a trying time and look forward to the future when we can again convene as neighbors, friends and one large Poughkeepsie family," the Kimisis Greek Orthodox Church wrote on Facebook.

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