There's just something about them, and the adorable kiddos that sell them, that make Girl Scout cookies pretty amazing.  For me, the proper serving size for Thin Mints should be a sleeve, and I know of plenty of people who can polish off a box of Samoas in a sitting.


Over the weekend I overheard someone talking about Girl Scout cookies in the parking lot of the Wappingers Falls Hannaford, as they were looking across the lot at a newly opened Girl Scout Store in the plaza.

Now, the store isn't new to the area, just newly relocated to Wappingers from its former location on Neptune Rd. in Poughkeepsie.

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The bad news is, you can't get cookies at the Girl Scouts Retail Shop, well not right now anyway.

Hudson Valley Girl Scouts Retail Store

The main reason I'm well versed in the Girl Scout cookie world is because my daughter has been a scout for about two years now, and the first time I was told to pick up supplies from the "Girl Scout Store" in Poughkeepsie I too got excited about the idea of grabbing some cookies there.  I learned that the retail shop is for all other things Girl Scout related - patches and Girl Scout vests, clothing and fun collectibles, at least during the 'cookie-off season anyway.'

Paul Morigi
Paul Morigi

The Wappingers Girl Scouts Retail Shop relocated from Poughkeepsie to the Hannaford Plaza location in mid-August, and maybe that is why people are starting to notice/talk about it more.

The prior location was inside an office building on Neptune Rd. and you truly wouldn't know it was there unless you went inside. Now it's in a prominent spot in the plaza and is definitely getting attention based on the parking lot chatter.

There are actually multiple local retail store locations that fall under the Girl Scout's Heart of the Hudson umbrella.

  • Wappingers location on Rt. 9 near Hannaford
  • 30 Scott's Corners Drive in Montgomery
  • 2 Great Oak Lane in Pleasantville
  • 87 Maple Avenue in New City

When CAN You Get Girl Scout Cookies in the Hudson Valley?

According to, here in the Hudson Valley, cookie season begins just over 80 days from today, which would put us into early February.  Soon enough you'll start seeing all those adorable kids outside the grocery store excited to tell you about the latest cookie flavors and what fun things their troop plans to do this year.

As it gets closer we will obviously keep you up to date on any new cookies on the menu (like the salty/sweet combo introduced last year), and where in the Hudson Valley you can get your fix.

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