After an exhaustive search for its Hudson Valley owner, a stuffed puppy has finally found its way home.

On October 30 Linda Vazquez found the plush animal at a community event and decided to make it her mission to find the little dog's owner. Vazquez posted a photo of the stuffed puppy on her Facebook page from the parking lot of Arlington High School. That's where the plush dog was discovered after the school's annual Safe Halloween event.

After sharing the photos on her own page, Vazquez turned to the Dutchess County Yard Sale page. With over 50,000 members, the Facebook group seemed like the perfect place to help find the dog's family.

As concerned Hudson Valley residents began sharing the post, Vazquez continued to post updates. On November 2 she uploaded a photo of the dog, with the following message:

... I miss my kids, please help me get home. I wandered away at Arlington High School on Safe Halloween four days ago. I must have lost my tags because they're not attached. Linda says I am not microchipped, so we have to do this the old-fashioned way. Flyers gonna be printed with my pretty loved face on them. Help me get home, spread the word... woof woof (puppy talk for thank you).

After hundreds of people helped spread the word about the lost puppy the rightful owner was finally reached. Vazques said on Wednesday evening, over a week after losing the stuffed animal, that a young girl was identified as the pup's rightful owner.

Vazques posted a final photo of the stuffed animal holding a sign that says "To everyone who shared me, thank you. I am going home!"

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