A Hudson Valley movie theater is hoping to open soon to help you beat "cabin fever" caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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On Sunday during his COVID-19 press briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he's considering opening drive-in movie theaters. Right now all drive-in theaters in New York are closed, along with other non-essential businesses. But Cuomo said there's a chance a drive-in theater could become an essential business.

"Where is the public safety issue? It’s a drive-in theater. You’re in the car with the same people," Cuomo said.

Before a decision is made, some things need to be worked out. Like how are tickets purchased? Or, how do people safely buy snacks?

After Cuomo's briefing, Warwick Drive-In Theater posted on Facebook saying owners hope to reopen and are researching how to make a visit safe for customers.

"We will be looking into this and will try to get open as soon as we can. We will be doing our research to determine how we can operate to ensure the health and safety of all of our customers," the company wrote on Facebook.

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Warwick Drive-In Theater also announced on social media, owners petitioned for a waiver to reopen. Officials say they are working on an app where you can order your snacks and pick them up when ready without waiting online. They also plan to operate at half capacity with parking in every other spot.

"The Warwick Drive-In is the best way to beat cabin fever," the company wrote.

As of now, the Warwick Drive-In Theater says they can't reopen until the state allows it.

Overlook Drive-In in Poughkeepsie, the Hyde Park Drive-in and Fair Oaks Drive-In Theatre in Middletown all also wrote on Facebook they hope to open as soon as possible.

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