New York has no shortage of colleges and picking the most beautiful is a hard choice to make. Between the SUNY colleges, Ivy League schools, and a vast selection of private schools, how do you decide? Lucky for me, I don’t have to make the choice.

Buzzfeed released a list of the most beautiful college in each state and the winner of New York state is right here in the Hudson Valley. Vassar College in Dutchess County was named New York’s most beautiful. Founded in 1861, the school sits on 1,000 acres and most of the college has a cathedral look, with tall buildings, decorative windows, and lofted ceilings. The campus also has two national landmarks.

According to Vassar, they were one of the first schools to kick-start women’s higher education, and they were the first all-women school to become co-ed. They even declined an offer to merge with Yale University. Talk about prestigious.

Today, Vassar is constantly ranked as one of the best co-ed liberal arts colleges in the country. About 2,500 students attend, and newer buildings of the college go for the modern look.

Do you think Vassar deserved to be named the most beautiful university in New York?

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