Brothers from the Hudson Valley who went missing after an SUV plunged into an Idaho river are still missing.

Authorities in Idaho said they found the bodies of Reece Rollins and Koby Clark who were in an SUV that crashed in the Selway River last month, the Ravalli Rebpulic reports.

However, 24-year-old Raymond P. Ferrieri and 21-year-old Jesse A. Ferrieri of Mahopac who were also in the SUV are still missing.

On May 28,  a car carrying six people flipped over and landed into the Selway River in Idaho. Two men from Georgia were able to escape and were rescued.

It's believed the group were bear hunting in Idaho and were on their way to check bear bait when their SUV crashed into the river.

First responders used heavy equipment to pull the overturned SUV from the raging river but found no trace of the missing men.

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