The weather is warming up and people will be visiting the many beautiful natural lands our area has to offer by hiking the Hudson Valley. There are certain guidelines you should follow if you plan on heading out to explore nature.

There are so many great places to explore in New York State, and especially here in the Hudson Valley. So many hiking trails and mansions to see, and history to take in, but make sure you are prepared. Many people, especially those who are from outside our area, tend to get themselves injured or worse due to a lack of preparedness.

There are some guidelines or principles that you should follow when you're out on the trails.

How to Stay Safe on Hudson Valley Hiking Trails

The Birds Are Back in Town

Find out which birds return to the Hudson Valley in the spring.

Creatures Emerging From Hibernation

There are many different creatures that hibernate during those colder months, like other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects according to New York State Parks Department.

See what sort of animals could be waking up in your Hudson Valley neighborhood in March and April.

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