Can't stop watching those hilarious videos on TikTok? You're not alone.

It seems every year this a new social media platform that takes the world by storm. TikTok is definitely the most recent to do just that, and it doesn't show any signs of becoming irrelevant. A new study took a look at TikTok habits across America and revealed just how much TikTok is affecting us.

Believe it or not, Best Mattress Brand conducted the study because TikTok use affects our sleep habits. Roughly 2,000 Americans were surveyed regarding their TikTok habits like time use and how long they stay up watching videos. In New York State, the average daily hours spend on TikTok is 2.38. New York State fell on the middle-lower middle range of the list. West Virginia had the highest amount of hours spent on TikTok at 5. Wyoming had the lowest hours of TikTok use.

According to the study, just under 13% of those surveyed use TikTok mainly before falling to sleep at night. 52% of those surveyed said they spent over 30 minutes staying awake to watch TikTok videos. Because of that, they are sleeping less. Over 67% of people surveyed said they noticed TikTok affecting their sleep time and quality. 47% of respondents said they had to set daily limits for TikTok use for themselves.

I'm not a TikToker. I don't even have the app. I do LOVE watching these videos on other social media like Twitter and Facebook though. It's easy to get lost watching these videos and I'm honestly surprised the time for New York isn't longer.

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