How many of us dreamt of living in a castle as a young child? I think, if I was the only one, I would be shocked. Between fairytales, books, and movies, the idea of living in a castle has always seemed to be the ultimate dream.

In my adult life now, I still would like to live in a castle, haha. However, until I can, I will be hiking to this one in the Hudson Valley. While there seem to be quite a few mystical castles in our area, this one has been abandoned. Does that make it even more mysterious?

Have you ever heard of Castle Craig? Located in Connecticut, this castle is stunning. There is also a tower at the top that has even more breathtaking views to admire.

Castle Craig also has a historical marker that describes the in's and outs. Castle Craig was opened in the 1900s and donated by a man named Walter Hubbard. This castle stands 32 feet high. I find it fascinating that if you look to the left of the castle from the tower, you can see through to the Long Island Sound.

The total hike is about 3.5 miles roundtrip. There are some rocky parts on the way, but that's what makes this adventure truly fun.

Some claim that this castle is technically not located in the Hudson Valley others might disagree. Either way, who would hike to the top of this enchanting castle?

Here are other castles to check out in the Hudson Valley

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  • Mohonk Preserve Testimonial Gateway
  • Olana State Historic Site

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It took twenty years to build and was worth every minute. A bluestone castle nestled into the Catskills just outside of Kingston could be yours. Yes, you need a bit of money but I know if you had the 12,000,000 you would want to live here. A girl can dream, can't she?

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