This week the US Navy shared some good news with us about a military service member who is from the Hudson Valley. The Sailor is Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handler) 2nd Class Kaitlyn Lackey, of Highland, N.Y., who according to a press release, provided by the Navy, is now a Naval recruiter assigned to Talent Acquisition Onboarding Center Capital City, which is located in San Antonio, Texas. 

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Kaitlyn Lackey, was recognized as the Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) San Antonio’s Junior Sailor of the Year for Fiscal Year 2020. The ceremony, in which she was recognized, took place during a Change of Command Ceremony at the Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston.

Ms Lackey, is a  "Highland Huskey" and a 2013 grad of the Ulster County High School. She joined the Navy shortly after graduation in 2014 before becoming a recruiter in 2019. Maybe you were a Highland Huskey too? Here is a link to other Highland High School Alumni, click here.

In a statement provided by the Navy: “This means a lot to me,” said Lackey. “I am proud to be able to represent my division and fellow shipmates.”

Do you know of a military service member who is originally from the Hudson Valley? We would love to be able to continue to spotlight these service members, from each of the service branches, all year long. Feel free to contact us with their accomplishments.

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