This past Sunday, the Hudson Valley got more than it's fair share of wind and rain. It resulted in power outages for thousands of residents and the heavy rainfall, falling at sometimes more than an inch an hour, resulted in some flooding for area residents.

Livingston Manor's downtown area got hit particularly hard as both businesses and some residences were flooded. In all, about 30 buildings were damaged leaving residents and business owners the unenviable task of removing water-damaged carpeting, flooring, furniture, fixtures, and more.

While Livingston Manor is unfortunately no stranger to flooding, clean-up after one needs to happen pretty quickly so that mold and mildew don't get a chance to take over and do even more damage. With that in mind, Sullivan County's Rockland Transfer Station will extend their hours of operation this Thursday until 5 pm.

With the significant clean-up effort going on now in Livingston Manor, this will hopefully remove some of the hassle to help everyone get the clean-up done and re-building begun.

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