More than ever, Hudson Valley residents are thankful to have their air conditioners working. We look forward to the warm summer months as soon as it hits November. July has been one of the hottest months so far in the Hudson Valley. Thankfully, I live for the heat but I also get by with a little help from AC.

There are key health benefits in regards to having air conditioning in your home.

Most importantly, it reduces the humidity within your home. This creates a less damp space which then can remove mold and other pollutants within the air.

Air conditioning also helps with my seasonal allergies. I love being outside and exploring all throughout the Hudson Valley. However, I see a positive change in my allergies when I'm in air conditioning.

With the recent heatwaves, the FDNY shared an important reminder.

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The FDNY is always sharing important information in regards to safety. Whether it's a reminder about general information, fire safety, or their latest statement in regards to air conditioning.

They suggest that when you are cooling off in your home, make sure that the air conditioners and other appliances are always plugged into this one thing. These major appliances should always be plugged directly into wall outlets.

Ultimately, this prevents the electrical systems from possibly overheating and causing fires. The FDNY provides safety tips year-round.

During heatwaves, it's also important to keep an eye out for others.




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Check in on family, friends, neighbors, and also animals. From pets to stray animals, be sure to provide them with food, water shelter, and veterinary care when needed. It's important to keep animals safe during heatwaves.

What are some ways that you cool off during the summer months? Share with us below.

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