I guess I’ve spent too much time in my house during the global pandemic because I had no idea that there is a store right in Rhinebeck that sells all local products. I just happened to be walking by when I spotted what must have been the biggest flowers I’ve ever seen. I had to go in to see if they were real. And when I stepped inside I found a whole store full of local products.

First of all, the flowers were indeed real and they were grown at a farm right here in the Hudson Valley. And then I saw fresh milk and yogurt from another local farm. And cheese from Coach Farms. And bakery products all made locally. It was this “shop local” girl’s dream come true.

What is this great store? It’s called the Farmer’s Collective and it’s at 6384 Mill Street in Rhinebeck. The store was started by the owner of Coach Farms along with the owner of Miracle Springs Farm. They carry dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables, flowers, eggs, preserves, canned and jarred items, and they’re all from right here in the Hudson Valley. You'll find products from Coach and Miracle Springs Farms, Ronnybrook Farm, Hudson Valley Skin Care, Hawthorne Valley Farm, and a whole bunch of other locals.

The Farmer’s Collective is open Monday - Saturday from 11AM - 5PM. It’s a beautiful drive to Rhinebeck, and well worth it to find all this healthy, fresh local food in one place. If you’d like to learn more about The Farmer’s Collective, visit their facebook page or their website.

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