Think the kids of today are not as good as the kids of yesterday? Think again. One Dutchess County teen has proven that theory to be wrong, and there’s a heartwarming story behind it. The story was on the Dutchess County Moms page on Facebook.

The post, which went viral, came from a local Mom who encountered a problem recently while driving with her toddler. It seems her daughter was coughing or choking, so the mom pulled over. Luckily the toddler ended up throwing up, so whatever was making her cough made its way out. But the mom was now left with another set of problems. Her daughter was throwing up, the mom was standing on the side of the road and cars were passing by but nobody stopped to help.

That is until this one thoughtful teenage boy pulled over and came to the rescue. Not only did he stop, but he also went to his car and got water and napkins, he wrapped his own jacket around the toddler (who was now covered in vomit), and he held her while the mom cleaned the car seat. Now that’s a kid who will go places.

Anyway, this mom has reached out on the Dutchess County Moms Facebook page not only to share her story but also to try to find the teenager who came to the rescue. She says she’d love to at least replace the teen’s jacket. And if this teenager is your kid, you’ve got a lot to be proud of. Just when you thought the world was doomed, along comes a hero teenager. Hope is restored. 

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