On Wednesday, Jan. 24, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order to save net neutrality rules in New York State.

In a press release from the Governor's office, New York internet service providers, or ISPs, cannot enter into contracts with the state unless they comply with the new executive order. Current ISPs will also have to comply with the order.

Cuomo signed this order because he believes the FCC ruling goes against New York's values of democracy and the open exchange of ideas, according to the release. New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, along with 22 other attorney generals, filed a lawsuit in early January for review in the U.S. Court of Appeals against the FCC and the federal government.

Both Democrat and Republican Congressmen have expressed disdain for the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's rollback of net neutrality rules. Pai was formerly a Verizon lawyer. Congress is currently 1 vote short to pass a resolution to overturn the FCC ruling.

Yesterday, AT&T released a letter saying they will not block websites, censor content, or alter internet performance based on a website, and that they are committed to an open internet.