It's a very touching story that deserves to be highlighted. I was on Facebook the other day and noticed a pretty incredible video that was posted and going viral. A local police officer from the Hudson Valley recently went above and beyond the call of duty to help make a young resident's day.

Kudos to this officer for going the extra mile and connecting with the younger generation. I reached out and was able to get more information on the beautiful encounter.

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What happened to a police officer in the Hudson Valley?

M. Abraham/Canva
M. Abraham/Canva

According to the source, her neighbor (the young man on the left of the video) throws a football by himself a lot during the week. She believes he plays for the local town rec, has seen him in uniform before and thinks he is practicing during that time.

What happened next?

More details:

M. Abraham/Canva
M. Abraham/Canva

The source mentioned that she started to hear a dog going crazy and thought something was up. She looked outside and was almost brought to tears because of what she saw. Officer Cody Hunt from the Village of Goshen Police Department pulled over and was tossing the football back and forth with the young man. The young man usually plays by himself so how kind and adorable of the officer.

Thank you, Officer Hunt, for going above and beyond and keeping us safe.

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