If you're looking for the most sought after holiday toys this Christmas, you need to do a little research.

Without Toys R Us, holiday shopping has become a bit more of a guessing game in the Hudson Valley. Instead of being able to walk into a store to see which toys are the most popular, kids have been relying on YouTube videos, television and online ads to learn about the newest toys they're adding to Santa's list.

The folks at Reviews.org have taken a more scientific approach in figuring out the popularity of this year's toys. By compiling Google search data by state, the online review website has mapped out the most sought after holiday toys for each state. So while you can't get your hands on a Baby Yoda just yet, you can at least be sure that the present you do get is something those kiddos will really want to play with this year.

It turns out that Nerf guns are the big winner throughout most of the country. Although not the top favorite in the Hudson Valley, Nerf reigns supreme in 11 states. They include Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

The second-place toy is a little more high tech than a Nerf gun. According to Google data, the Nintendo Switch is the big winner in California, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Washington, DC. Closer to home, it's all about dolls. The top gift on those wish lists in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont is a good old American Girl doll.


So what about the Hudson Valley? Although most kids in our area would probably love to see a Nerf gun, Nintendo Switch or American Girl doll under the tree, the number one gift on their list is a LEGO playset. That's right, the classic LEGO building blocks are the number one sought after gift for kids living in New York. We suspect this may have something to do with the excitement around LEGOLAND New York, which will be opening up in Goshen this summer.

But whatever the reason, if you have a kid on your shopping list this year and are stumped for a gift, a LEGO set is probably a safe bet.

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