If you buy your supplements at GNC, heads up they are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With the filing, they announced that they would be closing 800-1200 stores as a part of their restructuring, with the goal to be able to bring themselves out of bankruptcy protection. Here are the 11 stores that are (at this time) scheduled to close as a part of their cost cutting moves, plus what you will need to know about your GNC points and gift cards if you are one of their members.

First the stores that are scheduled to close, notice that none of the stores (at this time) are in the Hudson Valley:

  • Chautauqua Mall Lakewood NY
  • Eastview Mall Victor NY
  • Staten Island Mall Staten Island NY
  • Green Acres Mall Valley Stream NY
  • 360 Eighth Ave New York NY
  • 100 Elizabeth Street New York NY
  • Genesee Valley S. C. Geneseo NY
  • Northgate Plaza Greece NY
  • 163 E 125Th St New York NY
  • Johnstown Mall Johnstown NY US
  • Deer Park Commons Deer Park NY US

From GNC.com, here are a few answers to popularly asked questions:

  1. Can I still use my loyalty points and Pro Membership? GNC has filed motions in court to be able to protect those things for you and once approved you will be able to use your points and to continue to accrue them.
  2. Is your gift card still valid and at its full unused value? GNC has also filed motions to be able to protect your gift card so you will be able to use it in its full value. This does need court approval, but they are expecting to get it.

Right now, it is 'business as usual' at all of their stores, including ones that will be closing. For more details how this restructuring  might affect you, check out the GNC Chapter 11 website.  

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