It's that time of year when construction, roadwork, maintenance, or any other project that requires digging, paving, resurfacing etc are taking place. While it may seem, and oftentimes, is an inconvenience, the work done is meant to help, improve, or make things safer for a community and it's residents.

If you live in the Village of Monroe, Orange & Rockland are about to undertake a gas main replacement project beginning this Friday in the area of Bliss Terrace, Dorothy Drive, and Marc Terrace.

According to a message from Neil S. Dwyer, Mayor of Monroe, a letter was sent out about 2 weeks ago detailing the work to be done and how it will impact homes as well as the surrounding areas. The plan is to replace aging steel gas lines with those made of a strong plastic. In addition, they will be upgrading service lines running from the main line to homes and businesses.

If Orange & Rockland need to dig in your yard, they will repair and re-seed your lawn and help with any other restoration needs. They expect this project to last 4 to 6 weeks.

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