The closings come after a slow holiday season.

According to WWG, Gamestop is getting set to close 2-3 percent of their 7,500 stores across the country.

The closings come as a surprise to some after the release of major gaming systems from Sony, Nintendo and more this past holiday season.

GameStop hardware sales declined 29.1%, and new software sales fell by 19.3% for the last quarter due to some people buying their game systems and games thru online services like Amazon and others.

Gamestop has locations all across the Hudson Valley including 3 stores in Poughkeepsie and 2 in Newburgh.

After making a few calls to the Poughkeepsie stores, it looks like none of the Hudson Valley locations will be closed at this time but as one employee told us that could change.

A spokesperson from GameStop told WWG that the closure of the stores is part of an annual strategy, "This is something that will take place throughout 2017."

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