I love walking around Uptown Kingston. It’s full of quaint little shops and restaurants. Like other areas. Uptown Kingston has had its ups and downs over the past few years. A lot of the downs have been due to the covid pandemic. But things are bouncing back. 

I was sad to hear that Bop to Tottom, a very cool store that’s been on Wall Street in Uptown Kingston for years, was closing. I have bought a few things from that Bop to Tottom, and I always made sure I stopped in if I was in the Kingston area. So I was pretty disappointed to find out they were closing. But now there’s good news to report. A brand new gift shop has opened up in the old Bop to Tottom space.

The new store is called Live Out Loud. Live Out Loud is a gift shop that sells unusual, unique, and fun gifts, clothing, and decor. I haven’t had a chance to visit the new store yet, but I did check out some of the photos on the Live Out Loud Facebook page, and it looks like they sell some pretty cool stuff. Candles, pens and markers, puzzles and games, t-shirts. And some really nice drinking glasses that I need to have.

While you’re in Uptown Kingston, leave yourself time to walk around and do some eating and shopping. Uptown has great restaurants, including one of my favorite Greek restaurants, Opa!. You can also check out vintage treasures at Kingston Consignments, or, if you're a music lover, visit Stockade Guitars and Rhino Records. There is a lot going on in Uptown Kingston, and the brand new Live Out Loud at 334 Wall Street makes it even better. 

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