A piece of Millbrook history is available for you to buy and then turn into whatever you can dream it to be, home, bed and breakfast use your imagination. Once a Hudson Valley farm known for its cream cheese this 31 plus acre estate is ready to be brought into 2021 with a fresh idea.

Whether you want to return it to a single-family home with enough room to have all the family have their own room when they visit or you are thinking it would make a great retreat or boutique Hotel this property would work well for either idea. It has 9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a 28 room dormitory wing plus a school building with 6 classrooms.

This Millbrook mansion was once home to R.L. Burton a real estate developer who built the home during the fox hunt boom of the early 1900s. (See Big Old Houses Part 2 of 2 for more information on Millbrook Houses). According to the Zillow listing for the property, the house was originally known as the Crawford Farm Estate and the main product of the farm was cream cheese.

Photo Credit: Mcgrath Realty Inc via Zillow
Photo Credit: Mcgrath Realty Inc via Zillow

In the more recent past, the property has been used as a health services rehabilitation center. It has a large dormitory building, a classroom building a maintenance building and on property, utilities are in place to sustain these buildings being used again by the new owner.

Millbrook Estate 54 Ramble Hill Lane for Sale

This magnificent historic piece of property is up for sale in Millbrook, New York. Bring your ideas for a bed and breakfast or even a single family home. Once known as the Crawford Farm Estate it is just waiting for you to bring it back to life.

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