Do you think that the only way you can get to watch tv programs is to have to pay a cable company? Do you think that you have to be beholden to them and whatever they want you to pay to them per month?

Let's just say, I am not a fan of the cable company. Yes, I like their product, I have just issues with the cost and them constantly raising their prices. Rant done. So how can you get TV for free in the Hudson Valley?

How is it possible to get TV for free in the Hudson Valley?

Photo by Diego González on Unsplash
Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

Is it possible to get TV for free? Sounds pretty crazy, right? Truth is, not everyone can. It all has to do with this thing called over-the-air signals. The strongest signals are with in 50 miles of where the signal is generated from. There are a few more technical details too, but that is the gist of it. 

How can you check to see if you get any of these free TV Channels?

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The channels that are the ones you could potentially get are the big ones, the ABC, CBS and NBC, along with the public broadcasting channels. You will need to have a digital capable tv and you will then need to periodically, say every three months or so, rescan to see if you are within range of those tv transmission towers.

From what I have figured out, the closer you are to either New York City, say in Beacon or Fishkill, or to Albany, say Saugerties, the more likely you will get at least one of these channels. Where I live? Yep, zilch with the free tv channels.

For information on how to do a channel scan, click here. 

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