Thanksgiving is going to be a tough day to say no to your pet when they want to share in the feast but it is important that you do. At my house the phase is "not for puppies" that means you can't have this but of course there is something you can have instead. So many items we will serve at thanksgiving are not good for our pets. I know it can be hard to say "No" but you really need to for some of the items.

Pets Best online has a pretty good list of the foods you should avoid sharing with cats and dogs. Newsweek also put out a good list which not only includes food but it brings to mind that keeping the trash out of paws reach is important as well. Cue the kitchen clean up scene from Christmas Vacation.

Items that your pet should not consume on thanksgiving include: turkey skin, stuffing, fat trimmings, turkey bones and most certainly alcohol. Spices like sage, garlic and even onions are a big no. Basically it's common sense most of what we make on Thanksgiving is to rich for a pets diet and that can make them sick. Plus some of the items they shouldn't have are actually toxic for them like chocolate.

Things you can give you pet if you feel like they need a treat are white meat turkey (no bones) sweet potato with nothing on it. Green beans, pumpkin and apple slices again all plain can also be a treat.

If you are concerned that your pets has ingested something over the holiday that could lead to a health issue be sure you know you emergency vet number or ask your veterinarian if they will be on call for the holiday.

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