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Let’s admit it, finding beauty products that work well can be challenging. Starting with skincare is the key. Over the years, I’ve done research and interviewed a lot of beauty consultants and makeup artists. There’s one thing that everyone recommends, get good skincare products. Before applying makeup, we must moisturize and apply a product such as a primer, that will give your complexion that flawless look. It’s been a lot of trial and error as I was told it would be to find products that work well for myself.

However, now that we’re entering into the colder months (sad face) it’s important to prepare our skin for the bitter cold and windy days.

My face is already dry from the cooler temps and I was determined to do something about it. I hopped back into my routine to keep my skin hydrated from head to toe. I realized that not only do I have to keep my face hydrated but also my body, lips and hair as well.

I’m sharing my TOP five, must-have essentials to combat the cold air, check them out BELOW!



1.) Vital Therapy Moisturizer, to hydrate your face

My sister recommended this moisturizer to me to help combat dry skin. She found that this product was super helpful considering that her climate is typically very dry. I soon feel in love with this brand, Vital Therapy. This moisturizer did wonders for my skin. It was light enough in the summer and worked just as well in the winter months. I can layer this product with a serum or an oil on my face to feel super hydrated (AMEN!)

Buy it here



2.) It’s A 10 Hair Mask, to hydrate your hair

I always used conditioners until I found this miracle product. After years of using hair dye and hot tools, my hair seemed pretty dry. I notice during the colder months that my hair needs some extra love. Thankfully, I came upon this hair mask. I ditched the conditioners that left my hair greasy and flat and found this moisturizing miracle. My secret for healthier hair is out!

Try it out here



3.) Bio-Oil, typically used for scars and dry skin

Now that the cooler temps and windy days are in full affect, I find that I just need a little bit more hydration. I used to use bio oil for scars but then I decided to put it on my face at night. I did research and read the benefits of this oil not only for your entire body but especially for your face. As I mentioned before, beauty products take a lot of trial and error but I’m glad that this one worked the first time around!

Grab it here


hempz lotion4

4.) Hempz Body Lotion, my favorite all natural full body lotion

I always wanted to try Hempz lotion. Luckily, last Christmas my friend bought me my first lotion from this brand, I love it! I found myself trying different scents and of course loved the lotion that’s meant to hydrate dry skin. If you’re looking to get me a present, I guarantee that this will be on my wish list (ha-ha).

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5.) Aquaphor, protection for your lips

I always say that my sister knows best, because she truly does! I find that my lips are always chapped (I guess that I talk too much). She insisted that I try this product. I now use Aquaphor products not only for my lips but also on my hands. It truly heals any dry skin from the heat or cold. This is my go-to every single day no matter where I am, I have it with me.

Make it yours here


Share your thoughts on these products! Which ones have you used before? How will you stay hydrated in the upcoming, colder months? Share your daily beauty routine, we can all benefit from what works best for all of us and pass it along :)


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