If you were anywhere near New Paltz last night between 7:30 and 8 you most likely heard the emergency vehicles heading out of town towards the Ridge. I was in the village and it seemed like the sirens kept coming. Fire Trucks, police, ambulances and emergency workers in their own vehicles all heading over the bridge out of town. It was obvious that something bad had happened.

It was long before social media posts started filling in the blanks. It was a barn fire at a residence on Springtown Road. It was clear from what people where sharing on Facebook that the fire was bad and that the barn in question was fully engulfed. This is why it was such a relief today to see that local fire fighters were able to contain the fire and although the barn wasn't saved the house right next to it only ended up with minimal damage.

Today, both the Mayor of the Village of New Paltz, Tim Rogers and the Village of New Paltz Fire Chief, Cory Wirthmann commended the fire crews on their fast work in a situation that could have been much worst. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the fire which the fire crews were able to extinguish in about 3 hours. The New Paltz Fire Department was assisted by 16 different agencies including Highland, Modena, Tillson, Rifton, Gardiner and Plattekill fire departments.

We have included the posts from Facebook from today (Dec 8th, 2020) and put a photo gallery together of what the barn looked like before the fire. The photos are from a Zillow listing when the property was for sale earlier this year. The property recently sold (July 2020). The barn was really beautiful in these photos.



Barn at 109 Springtown Road

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