Yes, Thursday February 14th is Valentine's Day but it is also another very important "National" day. It is National Donor Day also known as National Organ Donors Day. This day was first established in 1998 according to the National Days Calendar Folks. It was started by the Saturn Corporations and its United Auto Workers Partners. It was supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources along with other non-profits who wish to create awareness for Organ Donation.


I don't personally know anyone who has needed a donation but I have known people who on their passing have agreed to be organ donors. National Donor Day focuses on five different donations: Organs, Tissues, Marrow, Platelets and Blood. The statistic share by the National Days calendar says, "Approximately every two seconds, there is someone in the U.S. who needs blood, which translates to the need for over 41,000 daily donations." That is a lot of blood. They also shared that 120,000 people are currently waiting for a life saving organ.

If you haven't already make sure you take the time today to mark "Organ Donor" on your driver's License. YOu can also find out more about be an organ donor at Early this month we told you about the blood banks being low and how you could head to a local blood drive to help out there is still time to be a donor click here for a list of local blood drives this month.


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