Feeling nostalgic and looking back at the past can be comforting especially when it's focused on good memories. Often, we may think about a happy memory with a family member, a place that we used to enjoy visiting or even a feeling that brightened our day.

We may remember our places to eat when growing up, a game that we loved playing or even a teacher from school who had a positive impact on our life.

Whenever I hear one of my favorite songs from the 1990's or 2000's, it allows me to be in the present moment and reflect on a happy memory.

Hudson Valley residents found themselves reflecting on the past when a piece of history was discovered.

A Hudson Valley Family Owned Diner Uncovers Piece Of The Past

Google Maps
Google Maps

A popular Hudson Valley diner discovered an old menu.

Mike's Diner in the Catskills is located in Catskill/ Cairo, NY.

It's known as a hidden gem within the Catskills. This allows tourists who are visiting and locals to come together to enjoy food under the same roof. They serve breakfast and lunch. It's said to have friendly staff as they are family owned and operated.

Mike's Diner Shared A Picture Of An Old Menu

They shared a picture on their Facebook page. The picture showed prices from another time era. The menu had different food options such as sandwiches, sides,  a la carte, desserts and beverages.

With the menu being typed and pricing being written in what appears to be pencil, it's challenging to see how much every item costs.

It's Unknown What Year That This Menu Was Created

However, it seems as if a cheeseburger was only $1.00, a grilled cheese was $0.60, egg salad appeared to be $0.80 and an open hamburger was $1.80.

A side of onion rings cost $0.60 and cottage cheese was also the same price. For desserts, pie only cost $0.50, ice cream was $0.35 and jello was $0.30.

The drinks consisted of coffee, milk, hot tea, milkshakes and more. The price of a milkshake at that time was $.80, coffee was $0.30 and hot tea was $0.25.

How Old Does The Menu Look To You?

Those who commented on the picture were trying to guess.

Some of the comments from the post included, 

"Those are prices from the 60’s"


"Awe!!!! That's when my mom and dad ran it! Ugh! The memories....."


"not sure michael but they bought the diner in 1978"


"I'd like to order 100 cheeseburgers please! 🙃"


"Looks to be as old as the number of years I have gone there."


"I remember the milk man's name that's on the note for 40 years ???"


"Cheeseburger $1.00 Wow !"

The recent discovery of a historic menu allowed Hudson Valley residents to also feel nostalgic while looking at the prices and what things used to cost.

Other Pieces Of The Past Have Been Discovered In The Hudson Valley.

Canva, Historic Bridges of The Hudson Valley
Canva, Historic Bridges of The Hudson Valley

There was a mysterious community once known as "Wagendaal" in Ulster County, NY.

A 1920's shirt factory once employed thousands and now it's somewhere where residents can live in Kingston, NY.

The longest suspension bridge in the world was once a Hudson Valley bridge in Rockland County, NY.

What piece of fascinating history have you come across in the Hudson Valley? Be sure to share with us below.

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