If you're unemployed, get ready for a change to your weekly benefits.

When the conoravirus hit us, one of the biggest affects it's had is that many people lost their jobs because of it. The unemployment system has been hit extremely hard during these challenging days with more than 20 million people still unemployed across the country according to News 10.

With so many out of work because of the pandemic, the federal government stepped in to try and help with something called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. PUA is an extra $600 a week that was set up to be added to anyone who is collecting unemployment from the state.

If you're not familiar, here's how it works, once you file for weekly benefits and the Labor department determines what you entitled to each week, they add an additional $600 to help during the pandemic.

That additional $600 a week is set to expire on July 31st, although some in office are trying currently, to get the PUA extended through January of 2021 with democrats in favor and many republicans opposing.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told News 10 that, they are currently in the process of trying to fix the program. He said that,"We are going to make sure that people don’t get more money to stay home than they would to work, That’s obviously a bad disincentive for the economy and not fair."

If the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance does end on July 31st, anyone still eligible for unemployment benefits will still receive the money they qualify for from the state.

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