If you love Television Theme Songs I have found the perfect night for you. Yesterday I met a member of Key of Q the LGBTQ & Allied A Capella Singers of the Hudson Valley. While we were chatting about this cool singing group he mentioned that they have a show coming up at the Falcon next Thursday (March 21st). That's when he told me the theme is TV Theme songs.

The Falcon is a music venue, an art gallery, a restaurant, a bar and lots more. Located on 9W in the heart of the town of Marlboro The Falcon has a wide variety of entertainment nightly. Just about every night of the week there is some form of entertainment and most nights it is two different genres.

On March 21st bring your friends out for a night of singing along to your favorite TV Themes. It might scare you how many themes you actually know word for word. Nest Thursday also happens to be the first day of Spring so why kiss winter goodbye with a rousing night of sing along Key of Q encourages you to participate.

Key of Q is a group of LGBTQ and allied singers that hale from various parts of the Hudson Valley. Key of Q was formed in 2016. Their focus is mostly on modern secular music performed in four part harmony. They try to have the common themes of their music revolve around equality, love and celebration of unique identity.

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