An animal rescue group is looking to save an out of control gerbil family that has taken over an elderly woman's Poughkeepsie home.

The American Gerbil Society is helping to raise funds to rescue over 60 gerbils that are running amok in an old woman's home. According to the group's Go Fund Me page, the gerbils were purchased by a woman in her 70s who thought they were females. It turns out that one of them was actually male and the happy gerbil couple has been breeding out of control.

Because the pet owner couldn't distinguish which offspring were male or female, the gang of rodents has been multiplying at an alarming rate. At last count, there were over 60 gerbils in this woman's home. Because of her age, the Poughkeepsie pet owner is unable to care for all of the pets, so an animal rescue group has stepped in.

My Hopes In You Small Animal Rescue in Lagrangeville will be taking possession of the over 60 gerbils, but they need financial assistance to care for them. A fund has been set up with a goal of $3,500. That may seem like a lot of money to care for gerbils, but remember: there are 60 and counting.

There's no word if any of the gerbils will be available for adoption, but you can reach out to My Hopes In You for more information. Their contact information is listed on the group's website.

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