A few weeks ago it was announced that actress and activist Cynthia Nixon would be running for Governor of New York.

Nixon, who starred as Miranda in Sex and The City, released a two-minute campaign advertisement that focused on her goals if she were named governor. Issues like poverty and education all were brought up and the Hudson Valley was featured in the ad quite a bit.

Several shots of Newburgh were used in the ad and brought up questions about how the Hudson Valley will play a part in Nixon's campaign.

While these are all important issues, one topic that all gubernatorial nominees must be well versed in is that of the upstate line.

Where does upstate begin?

Many argue that upstate begins right here in the Hudson Valley. While others say it's where the Capital Region starts.

Cynthia Nixon, however, has an interesting take on the debate.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Nixon told New York Times Magazine that, "Once you get to Ithaca... you’re starting to get upstate.” She also says that "I don’t think the Hudson Valley is upstate."

While personally I agree that the Hudson Valley isn't upstate, Ithaca is a bit of a stretch.

Dutchess County Executive, and a GOP candidate for Governor, Marc Molinaro chimed in tweeting, "We might agree on the pervasive, corrosive corruption infecting the Governor’s #NewNormal, but Ithaca?"

Through her spokesperson, Nixon said she was just having fun with the question.

So where does upstate begin? The debate may never be settled.

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