Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro's father, Anthony Molinaro, died from complications from the coronavirus on Friday.

"All our lives have been touched in some way by the coronavirus and we know we will never be the same," Molinaro announced on his Facebook page. "This afternoon, my father died and while it’s natural to dwell on the final moments, I know it is the value of all the moments that make up our lives together that matters most."

Molinaro, who has been spearheading an around-the-clock response to the COVID-19 epidemic alongside other county executives in the Hudson Valley, didn't reveal his very personal battle with the virus until a Dutchess County Facebook Live town hall on Wednesday.

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"I stay home for my dad who's on a ventilator at Westchester Medical Center struggling to stay alive," Molinaro said during the live video as he fought back tears. He apologized, noting that he hadn't planned on publicly addressing his father's illness.

Anthony Molinaro was at Westchester Medical Center when he died.

The highly contagious nature of COVID-19 has prevented many families from being with loved ones during their final moments. This tragic set of circumstances also befell the Molinaro family. Marc Molinaro praised the healthcare professionals at Westchester Medical Center for their compassion and dedication in attending to his father in his final hours.

"I entered public life inspired by the desire to bring people together, so it’s with immense sadness that at this most difficult of times we were apart," Molinaro said. "Yet, he did not leave this world alone. He was expertly and passionately cared for by an amazing team of doctors, nurses and caregivers; he had his memories of better times and those he loved; he felt the love and prayers of family, friends and even strangers who wouldn’t give up; and he was watched over by a loving God."

Thousands of residents from around Dutchess County offered their thoughts and prayers to the Molinaro family shortly after the Dutchess County executive announced his father's death.

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