A dog was rescued after being stuck in a rocky crevice at one of the most popular hiking spots in the Hudson Valley.

According to a press release from New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites, the whole ordeal began back on Thursday, October 7th. They explain that a woman from Ulster County was hiking Gertrude's Nose at Minnewaska State Park with her 12-year-old pup Liza when the dog "fell out of sight into the narrow crevice but could be heard barking."

Staff tried several times to access the crevice on October 7th, unsuccessfully.  On Tuesday, October 12th, members of the New Jersey Initial Response Team who specialize in cave rescues were able to "descend into the crevice to get the plumbing camera close enough to observe the dog moving in a narrow area, and apparently unharmed."

Jessica Van Ord, the NJIR team member who was able to gain access to the crevice, then used a modified catchpole with a hot dog on the end to lure the dog to safety. The press release explains that Liza the dog was safely removed from the rocky crevice by 5 pm.

On Facebook, New York Parks thanked everyone involved writing:

THANK YOU to everyone involved in this challenging rescue! Kudos to the New Jersey Initial Response Team (Jessica Van Ord !) , Ulster County SPCA , Kerhonkson-Accord First Aid Squad , the Accord Fire Dept., Minnewaska Park Staff, Forest Rangers and State Police.#teamwork

While Liza the dog was hungry and thirsty, the Ulster County SPAC reports that the dog was in good health. They add that after reviewing the video from the plumbing camera used to locate Liza, the dog  "was seen licking the damp walls of the crevice, likely providing itself with moisture that helped it survive."

New York State Parks reminds hikers that regulations require dogs to be kept on leashes of no more than six feet at all times.

Check out photos of the rescue below:

Dog Rescued After Being Trapped in Rocky Crevice at Minnewaska

A 12-year-old dog named Liza was rescued after being trapped in a rocky crevice at Minnewaska for 5 days.

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