A secret self-checkout shopping hack has gone viral, but does it work in Hudson Valley stores?

TikTok user @iammittalpatel posted a video last month with a tip that can allegedly save you a ton of money shopping at Walmart stores. According to the video, customers can exploit a self-checkout hack that will instantly discount every item in your cart.

The video claims that shoppers can click the upper right-hand corner of the screen during self-checkout to enter a special discount code. According to the TikToker, that code is different at every Walmart store. In order to find the number, you're supposed to enter the store and look up at the ceiling where each location's four-digit code is clearly displayed.

The video's creator confidently walks shoppers through the process in a video that Newsweek says has been viewed over 20.5 million times.

While this sounds like an incredible hack, we were sadly unable to recreate the trick. It is true that managers can plug in different codes and access numbers to adjust prices at the checkout, but we don't think it's likely that you'll be able to do it yourself.

During a visit to the Walmart on Route 9 in Fishkill, we were unable to find any four-digit code on the ceiling. And, quite frankly, we wouldn't even know where to type it in if we could. I'm sad to say that this is most likely a hoax.

A Walmart worker named Shantell Murphy confirmed that the trick doesn't work in a video she uploaded to TikTok herself.

We'll call this one completely debunked.

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