Recently, I have encountered an astronomically high amount of people who don't know the speed limit on this road in Orange County.

There has to be something in the water or air in Orange County because I swear one day, people were driving the proper speed limit, the next day they weren't. I live in Orange County, so I'm pretty familiar with most roads and their corresponding speed limits.

Recently, as I've been driving on Albany Post Road when you turn off Route 17K, people have not been going the correct speed limit. I'm not talking 5 under or over the limit, I'm talking a solid 15 or 20 mph under the speed limit. WHAT!?

What do you think the speed limit on Albany Post Road is when you turn onto it from Route 17K?  This is not an opinion question, there is a right answer! Comment below or on our Facebook page telling us what you think the speed limit is.

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