Summers almost here, time to unplug, unwind and enjoy the sunshine! The Hudson Valley is becoming more and more of a hotspot and also as a way to escape from NYC, considering it being relatively close but with amazing views. Nevertheless, there’s always somewhere to go or something to do especially in the outdoors, it’s endless.

How did people rough it until now, I need to know!  I give everyone credit who has camped before, I was not cut out for it as much as I tried. Combining nature and luxury has to be the brightest idea. Considering that we're in 2019, about anything is possible at this point but the term glamping actually came about in 2007! Although some claim that glamping dates back further than that, it has really gained the attention of so many people and has become the new norm, an evolution that everyone wants to experience.

I've heard more and more about glamping and thought I would do some research, myself. To each is own, some say glamping is glorious, glamorous, and luxury camping. How about more comfortable than traditional camping? I’m sold, for sure! I don’t know about you but I LOVE nature and just being outdoors in general makes me happy. I have to admit, all of my experiences of camping from being a child until now have not been too peachy by any means so that's why glamping seems appealing as I'm sure it does to you as well!

Thankfully, glamping makes it possible to have accommodations and amenities that camping just doesn't supply! Guests can enjoy being outside and in the great outdoors without the struggles of traditional-regular to truly have a high end camping experience.

The real question is, what does glamping include !? Prices vary on location, season, and style of glamping (accommodations and amenities). Depending on location, for the most part you’ll have the option to choose your tent or building to the size of the bed, the linens and even lamps. Some retreats/resorts allow you to decide which bathroom suits you and of course the amenities and accommodations may have the most options, such as nightly campfires to housekeeping services.

To get started, you have the option of exploring all aspects on There’s also, to branch off of as well.

It's as easy as picking your price range,  the type of glamping you prefer and other options. For instance, I saw hundreds of accommodations in the Hudson Valley of glamping spots on

Let me know where you end up, I’d love to hear so I can get some ideas of where to check out for my first experience!

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