With the arrival of warmer weather in the Hudson Valley, residents have been spending more time outside.

The sunshine and warm weather has not only lifted our moods after a long winter but also given us a boost to participate in outdoor activities. Whether this includes walking, jogging, biking, hiking or sight seeing, I have noticed more people enjoying mother nature lately.

When we had near 90 degree temperature a week ago, outdoor dining options were packed, people were wearing shorts and everyone had a smile on their face.

Along with spending time in mother nature, the Hudson Valley is also welcoming a new business to the Hudson Valley that allows guests to participate in outdoor activities.

Businesses Are Opening And Expanding For Spring In The Hudson Valley


Hudson Valley businesses have been preparing for the start of the busy season. A 'premiere' Hudson Valley treat shop expanded their space this winter to have it ready by spring.

Kingston, NY residents have been patiently waiting for a new business to open as well. The owner of Ole Savannah is opening a second restaurant in uptown Kingston called Brickmen Kitchen + Bar. It is set to open this Spring.

Volleyball, Darts And Dining Is Coming To The Hudson Valley


I can already picture a warm summer day, playing beach volleyball with a cocktail and appetizer to snack on. Thankfully, beach volleyball, darts, dining and more is coming to the Hudson Valley.

Residents can spend even more time outside in the beautiful Hudson Valley while enjoying their favorite beverage at a new hangout spot.

Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill Is Opening In Orange County, NY

By gaining attention on social media, this new sports bar and grill already has over 550 followers virtually. Ginny’s Sports Bar & Grill made several posts on Facebook about what they will bring to the Hudson Valley and the responses have been supportive and responsive.

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What Does The Hudson Valley Think About Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill Opening?


From the comments on different posts on Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill, Hudson Valley residents shared their opinions. While some people shared their congratulations and excitement, other's had questions.

"Congrats! Will there be a place to smoke cigars outside?"


"Can't wait for this to open. Congratulations 👍👍👍"


"Where is this? Congratulations!"


"Tim, & Nin's 4 the Win."


What Can Guests Expect At This New Sports Bar & Grill?

According to Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill's post,

They included on Facebook that they will have 

"13 TV’s, Pool table & darts, Beach volleyball court, Live music".

I would love a spot in the Hudson Valley to play beach volleyball and pretend I'm at the beach, haha.

Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill Is Hiring

Orange County, NY's newest business is hiring. According to their Facebook post, they shared the following:



Hiring: Experienced cook, experienced bartenders (21+), and wait staff. 


Walk-in interviews this weekend!!"


When Will Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill Officially Open?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Currently, there isn't an official date of when they will open but we do it will happen soon. However, the official location of Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill has been released.

According to their social media platform, Ginny's Sports Bar & Grill will be located at 

2576 Rt. 9W, Cornwall, NY, United States, New York

Cornwall, NY is a great place to not only live but also visit. It makes sense that Cornwall was voted one of the "Safest And Most Peaceful Places To Live In New York"

What Hudson Valley business are you happy that they opened? Share with us below.

6 Of The Most Unique Job Opportunities In The Hudson Valley This Season

Along with the start of new beginnings in our area, local businesses are also seeking changes.

There are Hudson Valley businesses that are seeking employees to fill job opportunities throughout different counties. These jobs may interest those who are seeking something different, fun and possibly something they have never tried before.

Looking to make some extra cash this spring and have fun? Look no further.

Here Are The 6 Most Unique Job Opportunities In The Hudson Valley This Season

Eat Your Way Through The Hudson Valley With The Best Ice Cream

I have always enjoyed stopping by my favorite local ice cream shops and choosing a new flavor. Whether it's a hot fudge sundae, chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a cone, or an ice cream sandwich, count me in.

The Hudson Valley has strange ice cream flavors. From lemon poppyseed to thai iced tea and barn boots, there aren't any boring flavors in our area.

A 'Premiere' Hudson Valley treat shop was expanding their space during the winter months to prepare for a busy summer season.

Thankfully, we have a large selection of local ice cream shops to visit in the Hudson Valley.

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