While many New Yorkers want the state to reopen, there's a growing number of people who don't want to go back to work and want the lockdown to be extended.

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A Siena Poll released this week shows most New Yorkers support the Gov. Andrew Cuomo's decision to extend his mandate that closed all non-essential businesses and schools

Cuomo talked about protesters who are demanding the state reopen. He says a decision on reopening must be based on science and facts, not based on politics or protests. Supporters to reopen New York held a protest in New York City last week and have one planned in Albany on Friday.

During Wednesday's COVID-19 briefing, Cuomo was told there's also people protesting who don't want to go back to work because they are fearful of the virus.

"Welcome to America! That’s right you have some people who want to go to work, liberate democracy you have other people who say I don’t want to go back to work, I want to live, yes. What I’m saying is I hear both voices I feel both politics, let’s decide on the facts," Cuomo said.

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According to CBS 6’s Anne McCloy, some businesses fear that employees are making more right now on unemployment and those employees won't return to work when businesses are allowed to reopen.

Cuomo stated there was no way to force workers to return to their jobs if a company is cleared to reopen.

"Forced labor, not in this country," Cuomo said.

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