Gov. Cuomo bashed President Trump while politicians in the Hudson Valley are calling for the President to be removed from office.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes President Donald Trump should take all the blame for the events at the U.S. Capitol.

"People say, well Trump started it yesterday. I disagree. President Trump didn't start it yesterday. He started it four years ago. When you spread hatred and distrust and division, don't be surprised at the ugliness," Cuomo said Thursday, during a call with the media. "This is a man who's spent four years touching the darker side of humanity; exploiting fear of people who are different; praying on insecurity. That's what yesterday was. It was an explosion of hate that he created over four years. That's his legacy. Talk about making America great again -- he made a mockery of America for the entire world to see. Party of law and order? And then he couldn't stop thugs from breaking windows and climbing in and vandalizing the nation's capitol?"

At least five people have now died due to the violence at the US Capitol. More than 50 officers were injured. As of Thursday night, over 80 have been arrested in connection with the violence, with more expected as officials search for people seen in images and videos.

Politicians in the Hudson Valley are calling for the President to be removed from office.

"The President’s actions and words during a moment of great peril for our democracy make it plain that he is unfit for the Office of the President," Congressman Antonio Delgado who represents New York's 19th Congressional District said. "With a heavy heart, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to protect our democracy, President Trump must be removed from office by his own cabinet or this Congress."

Mondaire Jones who represents New York's 17th Congressional District which represents Rockland and Westchester counties signed a letter Wednesday night asking Vice President Mike Pence asking him to remove President Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment following Wednesday's chaos at the U.S. Capitol

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