Gov. Andrew Cuomo is encouraging professional sports to start playing to help keep New Yorkers entertained while staying home.

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On Monday during his COVID-19 briefing, Cuomo encouraged major sports to start playing games without fans in New York.

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“New York state will help those major sport franchises to do just that,” Cuomo said. “Hockey, basketball, baseball, football, whoever can reopen we’re a ready, willing and able partner.”

The governor said whatever sport can safely reopen the state is a ready, willing and able partner.

On Tuesday during his COVID-19 briefing, he again encouraged New York sports teams to start playing games in New York without fans.

"I encourage them to start, that state will work with them to start," he said. "When a team plays, even if there's no one in the stands it gets broadcast and that gives people at home entertainment value".

Cuomo believes being able to watch sporting events will help keep New Yorkers interested at home.

"(It's) something to participate in. Another reason frankly to stay home as opposed to going out. And staying home is good right now," Cuomo said.

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