Gov. Andrew Cuomo is urging every New York resident to get tested for COVID-19, adding he see's "storm clouds" in the future.

Cuomo said the COVID-19 situation is getting "worse, not better" across the country, pointing to surge in coronavirus cases in 35 states.

Cuomo told President Trump to admit he was wrong and admit how serious COVID-19 is.

"He was in denial of COVID from day one. He has been denying what every health expert in America has been saying," Cuomo said on Wednesday during a COVID-19 briefing from New York City. "You know what's funny in this country? Sometimes, if the president speaks, people listen.  Even if the President is Trump. Those Republican governors listened, and a lot of Republicans listened and won't wear masks."

Almost 576,000 tests were performed on Tuesday in New York. 625 tests came back positive or 1.1 percent. Total hospitalizations fell to 879.

Cuomo said while New York is currently doing great in terms of COVID-19 he fears a "storm cloud" is on the way.

Cuomo said today New York will hit 4 million coronavirus tests. He announced the state will expand the testing criteria statewide. Testing is now open to all New Yorkers.

"We have that much capacity. What I'm saying to New Yorkers is go get a test. It doesn't cost you anything. It doesn't hurt," Cuomo said.

Cuomo said across New York "compliance is slipping" in terms of people wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

He said local governments have the responsibility to test, trace and enforce social distancing. He says his job is to determine when businesses and schools can reopen.

"If citizens slip, local government's don't comply, the virus will spread," Cuomo said.

Cuomo then announced Phase 3 indoor dining will be postponed in New York City until things change and improve in New York City.

"Indoor dining in New York City will be postponed until the facts change and it is safe and prudent. This is a New York City only modification because frankly, it's problem most pronounced in New York City," he said.

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