Gov. Andrew Cuomo claims New York is going to have the most informed reopening of any state in America.

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On Wednesday from LaGuardia Airport, Cuomo said New Yorkers bent the COVID-19 curve and it's time to move forward and reopen the economy.

Nine of New York's 10 regions are in Phase 2 of the four-phased reopening plan. New York City is in Phase 1

"We are at the point of reopening the economy and moving forward on that. It's an entirely different situation up until now," Cuomo said.

Cuomo said reopening is harder than closing because you want to avoid a second wave. Cuomo said most states that reopened got into trouble for reopening too quickly.

"My goal isn't to reopen to where we were before. Life is about going forward. Now we are stronger. Now we are smarter. We are gonna come back better than before," he said.

Cuomo is continuing to urge New Yorkers to protect themselves from coronavirus. The governor said the data people now need to pay attention to is the day-to-day testing results. He said watching this information shows if and where there could be a significant outbreak.

He said New York will have the most informed reopening of any state in the country. He also released new daily test results for the Hudson Valley.

Tuesday's Test Results

  • Westchester 1.2% positive
  • Rockland: 2.3% positive
  • Orange: 0.9% positive
  • Dutchess: 0.6% postive
  • Putnam: 0.7% postive
  • Sullivan: 1.4% positive
  • Ulster: 0.5% positive
  • Total: 1.2% positive

He added now is the time to start large-scale development projects to stimulate the economy, because there are fewer cars on the road.

"Now is the time to do large-scale development projects," Cuomo said Wednesday during his COVID-19 briefing. "You actually have an opportunity."

In terms of protesters, Cuomo said he stands with the nonviolent protesters and will sign police reform laws this week.

"I stand with the protestors. This week we turn that solidarity into action. This week I will sign legislation that leads the nation in police reform," he said.

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