Governor Cuomo posed for a picture while working on his boat and the picture gathered thousands of brutal comments on Facebook. Some are just downright hilarious and all too real.

With everything going on you would think that Governor Cuomo would want to to stay out of the spotlight but he recently posted a picture of his boat on social media and it got the response that you'd pretty much expect.

The post is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Things haven't been easy for Cuomo during the last year but the same can be said for many New Yorkers. There are a lot of people who don't have a lot to smile about. A photo of the governor cheesing in front of a large boat isn't exactly the most moving and inspiring thing that New Yorkers want to see right now. Some are criticizing the photo and believe it is showing where his priorities really are.

Nothing says 'New York strong" like putting a fresh coat of paint on the schooner, right?

Here are some of the harshest comments.

8 Hysterical Comments About Cuomo's New Boat


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