Parts of Orange County placed in Gov. Cuomo's COVID-19 "Red Zone" are leaving the zone.

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On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the "Red Zone" micro-cluster focus area in Orange County has met the metrics required to shift to an "Orange Warning Zone." Orange County's micro-cluster zone positivity rate has gone from 12 percent to 2 percent in three weeks and the rate of new daily hospital admissions has flattened, officials say.

"In terms of adjustments of the micro-clusters, Orange County has made very good progress," Governor Cuomo said. "In Orange County we're going to change the red zone to an orange zone. In Orange County, the red zone was at 12 percent three weeks ago. It's now 2 percent, so that's obviously dramatic progress. And the hospitalization number is flat. The red zone will go to orange and the yellow zone will stay yellow," Cuomo said.

Orange County Red-Zone

    • 9/27-10/3 % Positive: 24.64%
    • 10/4-10/10 % Positive: 12.41%
    • 10/11- 10/17 % Positive: 4.62%
    • 10/18-10/25 % Positive: 2.64%
    • 7-Day Rolling Average: 1.94%
    • 10/26 % Positive: 1.88%
    • 10/27 % Positive: 2.38%

Cuomo noted the Red Zone area of Rockland County is improving, but not enough to lift restrictions.

"There has been progress in other areas in micro-clusters, but nothing at this point that would cause us to change any classifications this week. We'll watch it over the next week for possible alterations," Cuomo said.

Rockland County Red-Zone

      • 9/27-10/3 % Positive: 12.29%
      • 10/4-10/10 % Positive: 9.77%
      • 10/11- 10/17 % Positive: 4.54%
      • 10/18-10/25 % Positive: 2.64%
      • 7-Day Rolling Average: 3.21%
      • 10/26 % Positive: 2.36%
      • 10/27 % Positive: 4.34%

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