Rent is due today for many New Yorkers who are struggling to pay their bills due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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In late March, as many New Yorkers were forced to miss work, or laid off, due to COVID-19 Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a 90-day moratorium on any residential or commercial evictions.

The order means New Yorkers won't lose their homes if they don't pay rent, but they still will need to pay the owned money in the future.

With the first of the month here, many don't know how they will come up with the money they will owe for rent, Many have asked Cuomo to cancel rent altogether, during this pandemic. Over 83,000 signed an online petition asking leaders in New York to suspend rent and mortgage payments.

On Monday, during his daily coronavirus briefing, Cuomo said he addressed the issue the best he can.

“We have said that no one can get evicted for nonpayment of rent and that to me is the fundamental answer,” Cuomo said. “That solves all of the above.” The governor added “no evictions for non-payment of rent and then we’ll see where we are.”

Some landlords want the help to go both ways. Landlords feel they should get a break in taxes, if they're tenants aren't paying rent.

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