Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes New York State will run out of ventilators in less than a week.

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At the current "burn rate" New York State is going to run out of ventilators in six days, according to Cuomo.

"We need what you need. If a person comes in and you don't have a ventilator, the person dies," Cuomo said during his Thursday press briefing.

Cuomo said the state is taking "extraordinary measures" to try and find ventilators.

"We are using anesthesia machines as ventilators. We are splitting ventilator tubes so two patients can share a ventilator. We are converting BiPAP machines into ventilators. We are scouring the globe to acquire more ventilators," Cuomo said on Twitter during the press conference.

Cuomo said even with these extreme measures, it's too late to create ventilators that will help with what is needed in New York right now.

"No one is going to make a ventilator for you in that period of time," Cuomo said. "The burn rate of ventilators is troubling and six days of ventilators is very troubling."

Cuomo said the state released 600 ventilators to New York City, Long Island and Westchester County on Wednesday.

"We have six days of ventilators left in our stockpile at the current burn rate," he said. "We are taking extraordinary measures to move ventilators to meet the need."

On top of ventilators, New York also needs beds, staff and supplies, according to Cuomo.

"A bed without anyone to staff it doesn’t help. A bed with staff without supplies doesn’t help. We need all three," Cuomo said.

Cuomo announced there are now 92,381 total confirmed coronavirus cases in New York. He noted every county in New York now has reported a coronavirus case.

"This virus has marched across our state," he said. "We have counties with more cows than people. That didn’t stop it. Urban, suburban, and rural: We're all affected. It will march across our nation next."

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