Gov. Cuomo says New Yorkers can "breathe a deep sigh of relief" about the ongoing battle with coronavirus.

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On Saturday during his COVID-19 briefing, Cuomo announced the number of total hospitalizations across New York State reached its lowest level since March 20 to 1,734.

"We have to stay smart and continue proceeding with caution. Look around the nation and look at the spikes other states are experiencing - we're not in a vacuum," Cuomo said. "In just about half the states, infection rates are climbing up. New York is the anomaly - we reopened and our rates continue to come down, but only because we continue to remain smart and vigilant in this fight against the COVID virus."

On Sunday, the governor also announced the state reached the lowest number of hospitalizations and deaths since the pandemic began. The number of total hospitalizations was down again to the lowest level from March 20 to 1,657. 23 people in New York passed away due to COVID-19 on Saturday, down from a record-high of 800 just nine weeks ago.

"This is really great news. This has caused New Yorkers a lot of pain. We breathe a deep sigh of relief today," Cuomo said. "New York State has been continuing to follow the data and the numbers on the COVID-19 virus and we are making really great progress with the lowest number of deaths and hospitalizations since this pandemic first began. This is all good news, but our behavior is what's keeping these numbers down and the numbers can change in a week if we don't remain disciplined and follow the guidelines and protocols in place."

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