For the second time in a few days, Gov. Cuomo shared some "good news" about COVID-19. But, he warns New Yorkers to not "get cocky"

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On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the lowest COVID-19 daily positivity rate since November 28, with net hospitalizations dropping 553 over the last week.

"The good news is New York's numbers continue to show progress as the holiday surge recedes," Cuomo said. "Our positivity rate has been steadily declining, and that success is a reflection of New Yorkers' commitment to defeating this beast. We know the weapon to win the war is the vaccine and more and more needles are getting in arms every day, but the federal supply is still not enough. This has been a long road, but I commend New Yorkers for their determination through it all."

The statewide positivity rate of COVID-19 tests was 4.38 percent, according to Cuomo. New York State also reported the lowest 7-day average positivity rate since Dec. 3, officials say.

Earlier this week Cuomo gave what he called "very good news" about COVID-19.

Despite the positive COVID numbers Cuomo told New Yorkers to not "get cocky" during Super Bowl weekend.

"As we enter into Super Bowl weekend, we cannot get cocky with COVID - we must remain vigilant: be smart, wear a mask, socially distance and stay New York Tough," Cuomo said.

Cuomo also announced state and local police will be stepping up patrols to crack down on impaired driving during the Super Bowl weekend.

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